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BB Dolls

Olhem que super ideia encontrei vasculhando a nossa amiga “NANET” (ironia)…
mas brincadeira sa parte, achei a coisinha mais fofa =D
está em inglês eu sei, mas vamos botar a cachola pra funcionar e tentar entender a receita ok?

AmigurumiBB's Blog

BBDolls - 3This week wanted to talk about amigurumi doll’s hair making. If you ask me, it is the hardest part of finishing the doll and making her look the way we imagine. At least it is for me.

Tried so many different versions of hairs to be done on the doll, and hardly ever was satisfied with the final outcome. Those tapestry way, with wool and pulling out hair by hair; works fine I guess. Eats a lot of wool, but what you can do with it is either freaking out looking doll or to make it look “decent” is pony-tail(s) or braids.

Then there is a wig making. Sorry to say, but for that am complete idiot. Tried it several times, but each and every doll looked so sad with this helmet looking wig on.

Crocheting “discs” as I call them (small round pieces) and placing one or two on…

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