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Free Pattern: Double Strapped Slippers

Ideia quentinha para esquentar os pés…
está em inglês, e tem um video para nos ajudar =D


The first ever YouTube tutorial that I created was for these slippers. I had so many requests for a pattern from countless Instagram crochet buddies. I really don’t like writing patterns but it is something that I need to get use to. Instead of writing a pattern I made a video which seemed like it would be much more fun. I loved making it, but I know a written pattern needs to be made. It’s time to stop putting this off! I receive a lot of emails and questions about this pattern, so I will make it as informative as I can.

IMG_9606KEEP IN MIND… These slippers can be customized to fit any shoe size. You’ll need to figure out how many stitches fit around the widest part of the toe box area of your foot. If you’re not sure, you can take the size hook you are using and…

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Boa noite…

Hoje trago um post especial, de uma manta infantil que fiz. Utilizei o gráfico disponível pela Sônia Maria do blog “Falando de crochet”.

Um super blog pra quem quer aprender crochê. Altas dicas, passo a passo, receitas, e gráfico.

bom vamos a essa manta

Utilizei o gráfico disponível nesse LINK DO BLOG FALANDO DE CROCHET CLIQUE AQUI (não vou por o gráfico aqui por questões éticas).

Utilizei linha Bella, da Pingouin, agulha 3,5mm, e o gasto deu um novelo e meio de cada cor, para 90xm x90xm de manta.


olha já tentei fazer um chevron outra vez, e confesso q saiu TUDO TORTOOOO, fiquei super afim de fazer novamente, mas nunca dava tempo… Ainda bem q dessa vez deu e saiu tudo perfeitamente lindo, estou apaixonada =D

Acredito que com esse gráfico, dê para fazer além da manta, almofadas, carteiras, bolsas, e até mesmo roupas, só saber modelar 😉



Hugs and Kisses (aka Noughts and Crosses)

para brincar de jogo da velha :p

Lime Green Lady

hugs and kisses

I AM a fan of Valentines Day. I get cheesed off with people who bemoan the occasion, “Consumerism, bla bla, invention of greetings card companies, moan moan, “etc etc. As far as I’m concerned, it’s an excuse to remind the people you care about that you love them.

That being said, I’m not a fan of overly smooshy, sickly sweetness. Well, not all the time. So, if you’re after a quick, quirky crafting project that’s perfect for young and old alike, this is the project for you!

A fun, cute version of the classic Noughts and Crosses game that takes a couple of evenings to work up. The board is the front of a little wallet that keeps all the counters safe and sound, you could even add a crochet strap and it would look really ace as a shoulder bag.

hugs and kisses

I’m also planning a version of this game with…

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Long Legged Baubles

Ideias de amigurumis para o Natal, e ele ensina a fazer as pernas alongadas dos bichinhos

Lime Green Lady

Four cute long legged festive crochet baubles for you to make in time for Christmas. Let me know how you get on, and try out different looks for your snowman. I fancy making one with a black top hat, or maybe a multicoloured scarf.

They make a wonderful gift and you can whip all 4 of them up using just a few 50g balls of yarn.


Double knit wool in light brown, brown, red, white, black and orange

3mm crochet hook

yarn needle

6mm poly ball


Gauge – the bauble body should fit snugly around the 6cm foam ball. If your bauble body is too small, try using a larger crochet hook. If your work is too big, use a smaller hook.


This pattern is written in UK crochet terms.

sl st – slip stitch

st – stitch

dc – double crochet

inc – increase (dc 2…

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